We seek to unite and support AG churches across Singapore in their Community activities and programs.


AGCSS Network Meeting – AG Churches’ Sowing Seeds in the Community

AG churches all over Singapore have always been active in reaching out to the less fortunate residents struggling with life's basic necessities. This need has never been more significant than in the current Covid-19 pandemic. AG churches' community activities and programs have generally been low profile and are usually conducted independently. Assemblies of God Community Services Society [AGCSS] seeks [...]

We provide consultation services to non-profit organisations and churches.

"..love your neighbor as yourself" As God's children, we are called upon to love our neighbors. This is something that AG churches in Singapore has been doing in their own individual ways. AGCSS seeks to champion and support AG churches through sharing of experiences to inspire each other through their success stories, sharing of resources and collaboring with each other for greater effectiveness.


We are also able to provide networking to other Assemblies of God organisations

AGCSS serves to provide a platform for sharing of experiences and success stories. We will host network meetings at regular intervals for this cross-sharing, during which participants will be encouraged to share knowledge and resources as well as advice for different situations as appropriate.


If you would like to know more about AGCSS or have any further enquiries, leave us a message here!